Big New Features in Release 0.2.0

Big New Font Features

This update brings the ability to change the font used for the icon.

Not only can you select from any of the fonts that the app suggests, you can even select any font that you know you have on your system!

To add your own custom font, simply enter the name of the font, as it appears in your system, into the custom font input box, and click Add. The application will run a quick check to make sure the font exists, so don't worry about incorrect spelling, the app will let you know if it works

Added fonts will appear at the top of the list, so they're easily found, and you will only need to add them once per device! Your custom fonts will be stored locally on your device, in your browser cache. If that cache is cleared, then your custom installed fonts will be forgotten, and will need to be added again before they can be used.

Adjustable Header Height

In order to fit larger header fonts, the height of the header is now adjustable! The value is not an exact pixel value, so just play with the number until the header feels right.

As the header height grows/shrinks, the date will do its best to stay in the center of the reamaining space!

Date Format can be changed

To lead or not to lead, that is the question you can now answer. Leading zero's are now optional for the icons date value.

Bug Fix

As with any application that is in its early days, the generator has some bugs. This update fixes one of them, by introducing a feature. I noticed on linux machines, the fonts size for day of week was rather large compared to other operating systems, so that was the main driving force behind making the day of week font size adjustable.

7th October 2019