Feature Requests! Release 1.2.0

I've had many people requesting a certain feature be added, so I've finally gone ahead and implemented it!

New Features

  • Swap Day-of-the-Week name for Month name!

    The most requested feature and now it's here. You can choose to display the name of the month in the header, or the day of the week

  • Generate Blank Month Icons

    It's been "Coming Soon" for a while, now it's finally here.

    In the same vein as generating blank "day" icons, you can also generate blank "month" icons, with just the name of the month in the header, and no numbers in the body of the icon

  • New date formatting option

    The technical term for the "st", "nd", "rd" or "th" part of a number is called the "ordinal"

    I found that out when I was trying to name the new format!

    That means there is now a third option for formatting the day, "01", "1" or "1st"

  • Icon Previews Moved to Generate Modal

    A whole month's icons are now displayed as a preview in the Generate modal, rather than just the handful of icons that will fit within the available viewport

Bug Fixes

No release would be complete without at least 1 bug fix:

The position of the text in the header didn't factor in the outline width very well, now it does.

21st February 2021