Truckload of new features! Release 1.1.0

I have been hard at work on Calendar Icons Generator over the past couple of weeks, implementing some improvements that I have had planned, but also implemented some feature requests from users in the community!

New Features

  • Locale specific icons!

    A huge feature request from the community. This is one that I've put a bit of work in to, but as I'm an English speaker, there may be some shortcomings.

    I would very much love to hear suggestions for how to improve this feature.

  • Generate Modal

    The Calendar Year select option has now been moved to a new Generate Modal.

    This modal will give me more flexibility to add extra features relative to the generation of icons.

  • Generate icons without a date

    This was also a feature request from the community.

    Using the new Generate Modal, select the "Include empty days icons?" checkbox so that the output zip file will also have a "Weekdays" folder, with date-less weekday icons

  • Generate Month Icons

    Another feature request from the community!

    In the Dashboard, use the "Switch to Months" button in the header to change to designing month based icons.

    When hitting generate, 12 icons will be created, one for each month of the year.

  • Outline Thickness

    The thickness of the outline is now adjustable

  • Outline Radius

    The radius of the icon can now be updated, to go from square to almost circular.

    There is some room for improvement in this feature in the future, mainly updating so that it can actually go to circular, but that will have a lot of flow on effects on the header and day of week/month names

  • Manage Fonts

    The app has always had the ability to add custom fonts, but now those custom fonts that have been added can be managed.

    This new modal will also give me the ability to add another feature in the not too distant future, perhaps related to the use of online fonts...

Bug Fixes

There has been a single bug fix in this release also:

Previously, the Generate button would update to "Generating" at an inconsistent time. This wouldn't give great feedback of what the app was doing. I've refactored the code slightly so that the button will update to "Generating" immediately, which results in better feedback to the user

Development Support

Lastly, you'll now see in the Success modal after generating icons that there is a link to my If you've found Calendar Icons Generator useful, and are able to, any support will be greatly appreciated.

Instead, if you just share the application, that would be fantastic also!

14th June 2020